Apartment-Friendly Cardio

Living in an apartment can mean not having the freedom to jump and run around, especially if you don’t live on the first floor. Many at-home cardio routines involve jumping and high-impact moves that can annoy your neighbors living beneath you. Here are 10 cardio exercises that are low-impact and quiet, so you can work out anytime, anywhere without disturbing your neighbors. Do each move for 50 seconds; rest for 10 seconds between each move, and then repeat the circuit 3 times for a 30 minute workout.

Move #1: Hover-Jacks

In a plank position (palms under shoulders and legs extended), jack the feet out then in and repeat over and over until you have reached 50 seconds. Focus on holding your abs in and landing your toes quietly.

Move #2: Speed Skater

Begin standing with most of your weight resting on your left leg with just your right toes touching the floor. Jump up and over to your right, landing on your right leg with the left toes touching the floor. Jump back and forth, landing softly. To make it more challenging, do not let the toes of your opposite foot touch the floor; keep your leg bent and in the air.

Move #3: Punches

Stand with your legs wider than hip-width, legs slightly bent. Punch forward with your left arm and right arm, alternating as fast as you can. Be careful not to hurt your elbows, but punch with some power!

Move #4: Squats

Begin with legs hip-width apart, just like a normal squat. Go up and down in squat position, moving more quickly than you would if you were using weights. If you want to challenge yourself, hold a heavy dumbbell with both hands at chest level while doing these squats.

Move #5: Runner’s Lunges

Begin in a standing position with legs hip-width apart. Lunge the left leg back and touch your left hand to the ground. Using your right leg, jump up and bring the left knee to the chest and lift your left hand to the ceiling. Without returning to starting position, bring the left leg back again, and keep repeating for 25 seconds. For the remaining 25 seconds, bring the right leg back instead.

Move #6: Mountain Climbers

Begin in plank position. Bring the left knee into the chest, and then extend it back out to starting position. Repeat, bringing the right leg to the chest. Alternate back and forth as fast as you can.

Move #7: Hip Kicks

Begin standing with legs under the hips. Bring your left leg up, and kick it out using all your muscles. Bring the leg back down, and repeat with the right leg. Alternate back and forth, being powerful and forceful the entire 50 seconds.

Move #8: Lunges

Get into a lunge position with the left leg out front at a 90 degree angle and the right leg behind you at a 90 degree angle. Staying in this lunge position, lift up and down, keeping the weight on your left leg for 25 seconds. For the remaining 25 seconds, put the right leg out front and the left leg in back.

Move #9: Basketball Jumps

Standing with feet together, squat down and jump up, lifting your hands and arms overhead like you are shooting a basketball. Land softly and quietly to keep this move from being too noisy. It is also better for your knees to land gently. Keep shooting that basketball or the entire 50 seconds.

Move #10: Plank Leg Swings

Begin in plank position. Swing your left leg out to the side and back together. Then swing your right leg out and bring it back in. Go fast enough to make it like a little jump in between each swing. Keep repeating until time is up.


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