How to Get a Beach-Worthy Booty

Summer is only a couple months away! You have probably picked out your swimsuit, and you are ready to show it off at the beach when you get the chance. But wait… is your booty ready to be shown off to all the other beach-goers?  Just to be sure you have a beach-worthy booty, try these 10 easy moves! All these moves can be done without equipment, but you might want a mat for comfort or weights to make these moves more challenging.

Move #1: Bridge

Begin lying on your back with your legs bent, heels about a foot away from your butt. Lift your torso up off the mat, and squeeze your glutes together. Release and bring your torso down, but do not rest! That is one rep. Repeat 30 times. To make it more difficult, place a heavy dumbbell on your waist to increase the resistance.

Move #2: Grasshopper

Begin lying on your stomach, resting your chin on your hands in front of you. Bend your knees up and touch your toes together, spreading your knees out wide. Lift your knees off the mat as high as you can, while keeping your neck relaxed. Repeat 15 times. To make it more difficult, try wearing ankle weights while you do this move.

Move #3: Hamstring Curls

Begin on your hands and knees. Lift your left leg off the mat to hip level, keeping your knee at a right angle. Extend your leg out straight, and then bend it back to the right angle. Do not let your knee drop lower than hip height. Repeat this move 20 times, and then repeat with your right leg. Again, wearing ankle weights will make this move more challenging.

Move #4: Fire Hydrants

On your hands and knees, lift your left leg out to the side to hip height, keeping the knee at a right angle. Squeeze your glutes as you lift, and then relax and drop it back to starting. Repeat 20 times, and then repeat with your right leg. Use ankle weights to make it harder.

Move #5: Extended Leg Pulse

On your hands and knees, extend your left leg straight out behind you at hip height. Squeeze your buns, and pulse upward about six inches. Keep pulsing for 30 seconds, and then repeat with your right leg. Wearing ankle weights makes this move very difficult.

Move #6: Knee Circles

On your hands and knees, lift your left leg to the side at a right angle. Make circles in the air with your knee as big as you can. Do 10 circles, and then switch directions. Repeat 10 circles in each direction with your right leg. To make this more challenging, hold a dumbbell in your knee, but be careful not to drop it on yourself.

Move #7: Single Leg Bridge

Get back into bridge position, but this time lift your right leg straight up in to the air. Do 20 reps, leaving your leg up. Then repeat with your left leg in the air for 20 reps.

Move #8: Fire Hydrant Kick Outs

On your hands and knees, do a regular fire hydrant move with your left leg, but this time extend your leg out straight. Then, bend your knee back to a regular fire hydrant and release. Repeat 10 kick outs on your left leg, and then repeat on the right.

Move #9: Extended Leg Heel Clicks

Lie down on your stomach with your chin rested on your hands and your legs extended out straight behind you. Lift your legs off the ground (just a few inches), and keep your neck relaxed. Bring your legs out about two feet and then squeeze them back together, clicking your heels. Do not let your legs rest on the ground at all during this move. Repeat 20 times. For an extra challenge, wear ankle weights during this move.

Move #10: Side Leg Raise Extensions

Begin lying on your right side with your hips and legs bent in front of you at 90 degree angles. Keeping your torso and hips facing forward, lift your left leg up, extend it into the air, lower it toward the ground, and then bend it back to a right angle. Do not let your left leg rest on your right leg during this move. Repeat 10 times, and then flip over and repeat with your right leg. Try wearing ankle weights for extra resistance.


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