PRO Compression Calf Sleeves Review

picture of compression sleeves

After falling victim to horrible shin splints, I knew I needed to do something to solve the problem. I used to run almost every day on the elliptical machines, but recently began running on pavement every other day. The combination of the higher impact, an uneven running surface, and a concrete landing with every step resulted in very painful shin splints.

I tried lots of different things to help ease the pain. I took time off from running, but didn’t like doing that. I tried cycling instead, but I just didn’t feel like I got an effective workout by riding my bike. I tried high intensity interval training, but it’s not safe to do that every single day.

I finally decided I would try wearing compression sleeves to see if they helped. After scouring the Internet for a trustworthy, reliable brand, I chose PRO Compression Sleeves. I bought these sleeves three weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing them every time I workout, as well as most days at work. (I’m a server, so I’m on my feet all day).

Price: $27.00 (originally $45.00)

I emailed the company and asked if they had any upcoming sales/discounts, and they emailed me back within two days with a code to receive 45% off. Plus, they had free shipping!

I chose black so it would match with everything, but the sleeves are also offered in purple, white, and pink.

I used the sizing chart on the website, and they are very very tight. I know they’re supposed to be tight, but man, are they tight! They’re not uncomfortably tight once I manage to get them over my heel and big calves. In fact, I can hardly even tell they’re on.

I thought they would be really hot and make me sweaty, but they are very breathable. Even on an extremely warm day, they don’t seem any warmer than the rest of my legs.

The customer service at PRO Compression is great. Like I said, they emailed me right back within two days, answered all my questions, and gave me a phone number to call if I had anymore concerns.

The only thing that concerned me before I purchased these sleeves was the return policy. Only new, unused items can be returned. This meant that even if I only wore them once and decided I didn’t like them, I would still be stuck with them and lose my $27.00.

Also, after two weeks, some of the stitching has started to come loose. I’ve had to cut a few loose threads that have broken, and I’m afraid eventually there might be many more. This might be because the sleeves fit so tight over my heels when I put them on that the threads have broken.

I’ve been wearing these sleeves for three weeks, and my shin splints feel much better! I can’t say that these sleeves were the only cause of my legs healing, but they definitely didn’t hurt. It was most likely a combination of running fewer days each week, running shorter distances, icing my shins, and wearing the sleeves.

My overall opinion? These sleeves are definitely worth the $27 I paid. They most likely helped, although I can’t say for sure since I’m not a doctor. I wouldn’t spend $45 on these sleeves though, so I’d wait for a sale or email the company for a discount code.



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