How to Explain a Clean Eating Lifestyle to Family & Friends

friends talking

I can’t be the only one who gets hounded with questions from family and friends every time my eating habits come up in conversation. I try not to bring it up at all, but somehow, it always ends up popping up in conversation. And then the questions never seem to stop.

At family functions, my sister says I’m on a diet. Wrong.

At holiday get-togethers, my grandma thinks I’m trying to lose weight. Wrong.

My mom used to always talk about me counting calories. Wrong.

My friends’ parents comment about how much food I eat, and think I must be starving. Wrong.

Lots of people think I’m a vegetarian. Still wrong.

Obviously, it gets kind of annoying to try to explain what I actually do. I eat clean, I tell them. They don’t understand, so I try my best to make it clear, but I don’t think it ever really clicks.

Whether you just started eating clean or you still need help explaining to your family and friends how your eating habits work, these tips can help you clarify exactly what a clean eating lifestyle is all about.

Explain you’re not on a diet. Eating clean isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle. A diet implies it’s only temporary. People hear the word diet and assume you’re trying to lose weight.

Say you enjoy eating healthy foods. Tell them about all the delicious fruits and vegetables you like.

Clarify whether or not you’re vegetarian or vegan. I still eat meat, so when people assume I’m a vegetarian, I correct them.

Explain how you don’t eat processed foods. If they don’t know what that means, specify how you don’t eat foods with chemicals, white breads, or added sugars.

Don’t use too many technical terms. It can be hard, but you don’t want to sound arrogant. Just think how you’d sound if you said you avoid refined carbohydrates, monosodium glutamate, and  processed sugar while eating lots of fiber, whole grains, lean protein, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids, . Too uppity.

Don’t stress. If nothing seems to be working, just say you eat foods as close to a natural state as possible because they’re healthy. Some people will never understand eating clean, so don’t kill yourself trying to describe it.


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