How to Eat Clean without Cheat Meals

ice cream

That’s right!! I don’t eat cheat meals. Ever. This sounds like I’m a pro at clean eating, huh? Well, as great as that sounds, it’s a little misleading.

I don’t have cheat meals because I started calling them “treat meals.” I used to call them cheat meals/cheat days, but the word “cheat” has such a negative connotation that I began feeling bad and guilty when I had a meal that wasn’t clean. It’s really hard to go weeks or months without a cheat meal, and then still feel bad about yourself when you finally give in and have ice cream with your friends.

So, I started calling them treat meals! Treats are fun, special, and make you feel good! Cheating is bad and wrong. Language can shape how we view the world, so why not feel good about treating yourself once in a while!?

My birthday was a few days ago, and I had a lot of birthday treats! Although I do feel a little guilty about eating french fries, chicken fingers, cookies, ice cream, and an adult beverage, I’m training my brain to let me treat myself once in a while. Birthdays only come once a year!

I try to have a treat meal once a week so I don’t feel deprived or alienated from my friends. It’s important to understand that no one is perfect, and eating junk food is fun! I love desserts, and sometimes I’m just craving a huge treat. No matter how perfect someone seems to be with their clean eating, they aren’t.

So next time you feel bad about eating a cheat food or cheat meal, remember, it’s ok! Change your attitude, and you’ll change your life. Just give it a try. For one month, call it a treat meal instead, and see how different you feel!

I want to know: what’s your favorite treat meal?


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