Are you sick of these 2014 New Year’s Resolutions posts yet?


I’ve been seeing these 2014 New Year’s Resolutions blog posts all over, along with those “New Year, New You” pins all over Pinterest… and don’t forget all the Facebook posts about starting 2014 off on a good foot.

I’m not saying all these resolutions, posts, or pins are bad things, but most of them seem to be focusing on the same things: eat more vegetables, exercise more, drink more water, eat less junk food, cut out pop and sweets, and so on. All these resolutions are great ones, don’t get me wrong! I want to eat healthy and workout too!

Ever since I can remember, my New Year’s Resolution has been to clean up my diet and workout more. Every year, I’d start out January without eating any treat foods and not skipping workouts unless it was my rest day. It has worked great for me every year, but it’s time for me to stop focusing so much on restrictions, limitations, and requirements.

This year, my New Year’s Resolutions will focus on my mental health. It’s important to keep in mind that health doesn’t only mean being physically healthy. We need to make sure we are emotionally and mentally healthy as well to live a happy life. I want 2014 to be a happy, joyful year for all, including myself!

I will continue to eat healthy, but not obsess over what I eat.

Sometimes, I get into a bad habit of obsessing over what I eat. I always try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and I tend to get mad at myself for “cheating” (even though I’m supposed to call it treating!). I don’t need to worry so much if I have a slice of store-bought bread or a cookie at my grandma’s house. Why waste time worrying about something that really shouldn’t matter so much?

I will spend less mental energy worrying about exercising enough.

I exercise more than anyone else I know. I spend more time working out than I need to, so if I skip a day of cardio, why beat myself up? If I don’t feel like lifting weights one day, or I am absolutely too busy to fit in a pilates routine, it’s not the end of the world.

I will allow myself to have treats when I feel like it, without eating them excessively.

I’ve been treating myself a lot lately because of the holidays, but before Thanksgiving, I was eating almost 99% clean, only treating myself about once a week. It seemed to make sense – eat as clean as possible and stay healthy and fit, right? Wrong. I stayed physically fit, but mentally, I was going crazy. After walking by the dessert section in the cafeteria and sitting at the table with my friends who were downing three pieces of cake, I had cravings galore!

Every few weeks or so, I would find myself eating too many treats because I hadn’t had them in so long. I think if I let myself eat them once in a while when I have a craving, I’ll be less likely to overdo it when I do decide to treat myself.

I will do more of what makes me happy.

I’ve been seeing this quote lately:Β Do more of what makes you happy. I think this is great advice. I spend more time doing what I love. For me, that means more baking, cooking, writing, dancing, singing, relaxing, and spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. If you’re happy doing something, do it more!

I will tell myself every day that I am beautiful.

This one is for my boyfriend! Several times a day, I say mean things about myself, and he hates it. I mainly cut down on myself about my appearance, saying I look ugly without makeup or I’ll get fat if I eat what I want or my hair is crappy. He always tells me I’m beautiful, and sometimes he makes me repeat it back to him until I believe it too. This resolution is for him, but also for me. If I spend ten seconds a day telling myself positive things, I’ll eventually believe them.

I will spend less time comparing myself to others.

I’m sure lots of people, especially females, tend to compare themselves to others more than they should. I’m definitely guilty of this. Whether it’s looking at others and comparing my makeup, clothes, weight, shoes, hair, GPA, job, or social life, I need to stop. Part of this means spending less time on social media, particularly Facebook. It’s too easy to compare myself to my Facebook friends while looking through their pictures and reading their statuses.Β It’s not necessary to compare ourselves, so let’s just be happy with the way we are!

I will remind myself that the most important thing in life is happiness.

All too often, we get wrapped up in worrying about things that seem extremely important but actually aren’t. We all worry about our appearance, money, school, and work. While all of those things are somewhat important, we shouldn’t forget that what really matters in life is being happy. Even if I don’t have the appearance I want, live in a cardboard box, fail out of school, and lose my job, if I am happy, it wouldn’t matter.

Remember, spend 2014 being happy and loving life!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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7 thoughts on “Are you sick of these 2014 New Year’s Resolutions posts yet?

  1. I love your resolutions. I think more people need to focus on their mental health more, as well as their physical health. But I’m seeing so many posts about wanting to lose weight and such, but then they get so wrapped up in that that they degrade themselves every time they slip up a little bit, and are just awful to themselves. It’s important to pay attention the mind as well as the body.

  2. I love your positive spin on the traditional (and restrictive) New Years resolutions. I think it’s human nature to be too hard on ourselves, particularly when bombarded with media and images with which to compare ourselves. Good luck with your goals for this year and remember to be kind to yourself πŸ™‚ – Niki x

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