No Inner Thigh Gap? No Bikini Bridge? No Problem.


Pictured above are photos I found on Instagram.

For the past year or so, I’ve been seeing all over the Internet how there is a trend to have an inner thigh gap. Pictures of this “attractive” and “desirable” gap are plastered across Pinterest and many workout sites I visit daily. Apparently, having an inner thigh gap means you are perfect since you have achieved such an amazing look.

For those of you who haven’t seen these pictures or don’t know what this “perfect” inner thigh gap is, it’s basically when your legs never touch each other from your knee to your hip. This creates a supposedly “attractive” physique that very few can achieve.

Two days ago, I found an even crazier trend: the bikini bridge. A bikini bridge is when you’re thin enough that when you wear a bikini,the strings are held up by each of your hip bones and the fabric doesn’t touch your stomach. This is the new “perfect” body trend, and I’m shocked at the pictures I’ve been seeing.

I don’t think we should base our feelings of self-worth and our ideas of beauty off of such unimportant things like having a gap between our thighs or bridge with our bikinis. Personally, I think it’s a little odd when someone’s thighs don’t touch, but that’s just me. I’ve had large legs my entire life, and no matter what, I’ll never have a gap. Even my calves touch when I stand with my legs together.

Even if I managed to get an inner thigh gap, there is no way I could ever get a bikini bridge. Never. Not in a million years. I’ve done way too many ab workouts to be that thin, and I have organs that will always need space somewhere in my torso. I honestly can’t understand how anyone can have a bikini bridge because it’s so unattainable.

I don’t want to put down others who do have the inner thigh gap or bikini bridge. I think some people’s bodies are made to have a gap, and others simply aren’t. Some girls are thin enough to have a bridge, but others never will be. We shouldn’t strive for something that the media has told us is so desirable, yet unrealistic for most. We are already bombarded with tons of media telling us we’re not beautiful because of our hair, skin, weight, clothes, teeth, and so on. Do we really need more unattainable standards of beauty? No.

I have never wanted to get an inner thigh gap, and I’m glad I haven’t tried. It would be nearly impossible for me, and I’d be upset with myself if I couldn’t achieve it. Like I said, I have large legs. And I’m proud of them! I’ve worked hard to build muscle, and I like the way they look, even if the media tells me they’re ugly.

Same with a bikini bridge. I do a lot of ab work and core exercises, so I’ve gained muscle. And I’m proud of it too! I know I let the media influence my body image with other trends, but the inner thigh gap and bikini bridge are two trends I’ll never buy into. Some of you might read this and think I’m just bitter because I can’t achieve either of these, but that’s not the case.

I’m writing this to encourage all of you to love your bodies regardless of what others say or think you should look like! No one will ever have a “perfect” body because we are all made differently. Perfection doesn’t exist. I want all of us to love ourselves no matter what we look like.

Be proud of what your body can do, whether it’s running a marathon, squatting 100 pounds, doing the splits, or doing 20 pull-ups. Be proud of what you have achieved. Be happy when you put on a swimsuit, even if your legs touch and your bridge is nonexistent. Everyone is beautiful, so hold your head high and love your body.

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14 thoughts on “No Inner Thigh Gap? No Bikini Bridge? No Problem.

  1. This pro-anorexia trend that has started recently is very depressing. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for 12 years of my life it saddens me to see this disorder being glamorized. Its far from glamorous, let me tell you. I hope women can stand together and do what you’re doing here, on this blog… Empowering women to be healthy and love their bodies!

  2. It really is sad that girls can glorify the bony look. For they are trying to show their skeleton. The key to looking good is feeling comfortable in your body as you can then exude contentment and jappiness. Trying to achieve an inner thigh gap or bridge is ridiculous. There are many more things in life that should take precedence. Thanks for alerting us to this worrying issue.

  3. This is such an insightful and relevant post! As I went to an all girls highschool I was always surrounded by girls complaining about their bodies or their weight and it saddened me to think that they rarely considered all the amazing things their bodies COULD do!! Some people can’t walk or can’t see and they’re worried they can’t get a thigh gap?! I’m so glad you have the confidence to not buy in to this awful ‘trend.’ And well done for such a well composed piece – I really enjoyed your take on this 🙂 x

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