Clean Eating Super Bowl Snack Ideas!

The Super Bowl is less than a week away! You know what that means: lot’s of greasy food, beer, junk food, funny commercials, and an entertaining halftime show (hopefully). I usually only watch the game to see the commercials, and of course, I love pigging out on some junk food.

It’s totally fine to treat yourself for this special occasion, but at least try to eat something healthy while you watch the game. Eat a few veggies or a fruit bowl. Have a handful of nuts. Grab some olives and a pickle. Balance out the good with the bad, so your body doesn’t get mad at you for feeding it too much garbage.

I’m not sure how many of you readers will tune in for the big game, but I’ve compiled a collection of my clean eating recipes that will be sure to please your football crowd!

“Fried” pickles with southwest dipping sauce

Fried Pickles

Zucchini poppers with marinara sauce

zucchini poppers

Sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries

Baked tortilla chips

Clean tortilla chips

Black bean and corn salsa

Black Bean Salsa



Frozen peanut butter cocoa balls

Picture of Peanut Butter Balls

Rice Krispies treats

rice krispies treats

Black bean brownies


Veggie-Loaded Turkey Chili


How do you celebrate while you watch the Super Bowl? Do you watch for the commercials, the halftime show, or the game itself?


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