Build Your Own Trail Mix

Since my healthy sandwich combinations, oatmeal combinations, and healthy snack options have been so popular, here’s another picture I made to help you make your own trail mix! Enjoy!



What’s your favorite way to make trail mix?


5 thoughts on “Build Your Own Trail Mix

  1. That looks really good, I like how you did the picture for the post. Off topic, how did you do that? I just started a blog and would love to learn how to do pictures like that. I think it would be a lot cheaper and healthier to make you own trail mix, one you know what’s in it and two, you can customize it anyway you like!

    • It took me some time to make it, but I took the pictures of the food with my phone, and then I used a lot of text boxes in Microsoft Word to design the whole graphic. I had to layer them on top of each other and move them around to get them to look right. There is probably an easier way, but I prefer to use Word. I hope this helps!!

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