15 Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

I’ve just finished day 10 of Headspace meditation, and I’m dedicated to sticking with it! I’ll post more about Headspace and meditation apps in my next post, but first, I’m going to tell you all about the benefits of meditation.

I spent some time researching meditation, which is why I decided to try it out. There are so many good things it does for our bodies! I read articles from Emma Seppala Ph.D., Forbes, Stepping Stones Mental Health, and Headspace to compile the following.

I feel extremely relaxed immediately after meditating, but I’m not sure if I’ve experienced any long-lasting effects. Some people say they’ve noticed effects immediately, but others say it’s gradual and takes time. Just like any physical exercise, mental exercise takes time to perfect too! Some articles say it takes a couple days, some say a couple weeks, and others say a few months. I’m just being patient and looking forward to some (or all!) of these benefits listed below.


Increases optimism and resilience in hard times

Increases life satisfaction and sense of wellbeing

Reduces self-referential thoughts (thoughts that are typically associated with being less happy)

Reduces worrying and rumination

Increases self-awareness, self-confidence, self-understanding, and self-control


Increases attention span to stay on task longer and switch tasks less often

Reduces mind wandering and makes it easier to focus on current task

Increases creative thinking

Improves concentration, attention, focus, memory, and cognitive skills


Reduces stress, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and pain

Helps with addition recovery to help people effectively manage cravings

Restores a sense of calmness, balance, and peacefulness

Improves sleep quality and increases energy


Improves communication with others to increase marital/relationship quality

Improves empathy and compassion


Attempting to Train my Brain with Meditation

Bonus picture of my dog, April, relaxing on the couch!

Bonus picture of my dog, April, relaxing on the couch! Dog meditation 🙂

Ohm… Ohm… Ohm…

I’m just starting to take up meditation, but so far, so good! In my last post, I wrote natural about ways to alleviate stress and anxiety, and I mentioned meditation as one of the tips.

I finally decided to take my own advice and try meditating to relieve some of my anxiety. After reading up on meditation apps, I found really good reviews for an app called Headspace. The first 10 meditation sessions are free, so I thought, what the heck? I’ll give it a try!

Unfortunately, you have to pay a subscription fee to continue meditation sessions after the first 10. I’ll have to find another app to use once I finish the free trial because I’m too frugal to justify spending money on meditation (when it’s something that can be done for free).

I’m on day five right now, and so far, it’s great! The first couple days were hard, but that’s to be expected. Meditation takes training. The Headspace narrator explains this throughout the 10-day trial.

While I’m meditating, I feel so relaxed. One day, I even fell asleep during the session because I was so relaxed. If you have trouble falling asleep, you should try meditating before bed!

I’m trying my best to meditate every day. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress and let you know how well meditation really helps relieve stress and anxiety.

I’ll be doing more research on meditation over the next few days, so in my next post, I’ll describe the benefits of meditation in detail!

  • Does anyone have experience with meditation?
  • How well did/does it work for you?
  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a good meditation app for Android?

Let me know in the comments!!