Attempting to Train my Brain with Meditation

Bonus picture of my dog, April, relaxing on the couch!

Bonus picture of my dog, April, relaxing on the couch! Dog meditation 🙂

Ohm… Ohm… Ohm…

I’m just starting to take up meditation, but so far, so good! In my last post, I wrote natural about ways to alleviate stress and anxiety, and I mentioned meditation as one of the tips.

I finally decided to take my own advice and try meditating to relieve some of my anxiety. After reading up on meditation apps, I found really good reviews for an app called Headspace. The first 10 meditation sessions are free, so I thought, what the heck? I’ll give it a try!

Unfortunately, you have to pay a subscription fee to continue meditation sessions after the first 10. I’ll have to find another app to use once I finish the free trial because I’m too frugal to justify spending money on meditation (when it’s something that can be done for free).

I’m on day five right now, and so far, it’s great! The first couple days were hard, but that’s to be expected. Meditation takes training. The Headspace narrator explains this throughout the 10-day trial.

While I’m meditating, I feel so relaxed. One day, I even fell asleep during the session because I was so relaxed. If you have trouble falling asleep, you should try meditating before bed!

I’m trying my best to meditate every day. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress and let you know how well meditation really helps relieve stress and anxiety.

I’ll be doing more research on meditation over the next few days, so in my next post, I’ll describe the benefits of meditation in detail!

  • Does anyone have experience with meditation?
  • How well did/does it work for you?
  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a good meditation app for Android?

Let me know in the comments!!